Athletes Healthy Bodies

Athletes have to keep their bodies healthy and in very good shape so they can perform well when competing. Exercising and training is clearly a big part of preparation, but proper and disciplined eating habits are also important. Most athletes have strict diets, and like any other special diet it takes discipline and self-control.

Perhaps your job doesn't depend on your body, but if you want to look like an athlete, it can be done. First, you should find a gym and tell trainers your goal so they can plan your exercise routine. Next, develop a diet plan; your trainer can also help with this.

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What's For Lunch?

Lunch is usually what you eat halfway through the work or school day although it comes at different times according to culture or schedule. When you're at home it's just the meal you eat between breakfast and dinner. One might say there's an unspoken list of items that are best suited for the lunch menu. For example, although sandwiches are eaten at any time of day, some people consider a sandwich to be more of a lunch item than anything else.

In Jamaica, most folks buy their lunch at places that sell cooked meals, usually rice and peas with chicken or beef. Less often, people here eat oxtail, pork or fish with popular starchy food like yam, banana, boiled dumpling, plantain, dasheen, steamed rice and Spanish rice.

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A Fun Movie Night Menu

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Movie nights are the after-evening events where we set up and invite several friends and family over for good food, fun and conversation. Some hosts ask guests to bring snacks or drinks while others will prepare a little 'sumthin sumthin' that often means popcorn is ninety percent of the menu. Of course, there're some people who take a tad more time to put together more wholesome and exciting dishes.

For all movie night hosts and hostesses who don't have the time and those who just don't have a clue about what to prepare, here are some ideas for easy, quick and sometimes economical finger foods for your movie night menu:

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