Coconut Oil Comes Full Circle!


If you conduct your own poll about coconut oil usage amongst your family, colleagues and acquaintances, the feedback may surprise you. Despite the negative press that coconut oil received back in the 1970s and 1980s, there remained a set of people in Jamaica who still believed in the product. Coconut oil was being produced on a very small scale, in cottage industry type set-ups to fulfill personal demand, and meet the small pockets of demand that remained. Those in the know “have a man that makes oil for them”. Or they know the part of Jamaica where they can get their special coconut oil.

Or they cultivate close relationships with people in the know who can tell them when stocks of virgin coconut oil are available at the Coconut Shop at the Coconut Industry Board in Kingston so that they get a personal notification whenever the Coconut Shop receives a delivery of coconut oil. As fast as the product is received, it goes out. Coconut oil, made on a small, informal scale and found in unmarked bottles in Jamaica, does a vanishing act from the shelves in select locations and is prized for its taste and aroma. It is unrefined, virgin coconut oil, characterized by the wonderfully nutty taste and aroma characteristic of pure oil, straight from the coconut. It simply tastes wonderful. It imparts a distinctive aroma and makes dishes that much better. Those who use it know. Some users of this wonderful virgin coconut oil stock the more typical refined vegetable oils in their pantries. But the virgin coconut oil is used in special dishes: stewed chicken or pork like Grandma used to make...rice and peas for an extra “coconutty” taste...salt fish is taken up a notch when sautéed in virgin coconut oil with lots of tomatoes, onions and scotch bonnet peppers ...steamed fish with okra and crackers, enhanced.... once you use it, you will know too! Vegans are especially fond of virgin coconut oil as it provides the benefits of butter in baked products, but from a plant source, with the added benefit of a subtle coconut flavor and sweetness which enhance the final product. Adding virgin coconut oil to smoothies creates a silky mouth feel, and of course, enhances flavor.


But there is more to this unrefined virgin coconut oil than its distinctive taste and aroma and how it transforms the simplest dishes into an experience that transports you back to a bygone era, into food that comforts and satisfies. The added bonus is that unrefined virgin coconut oil is actually one of the healthiest oils available.

It is quite different from its refined version because it is richer in polyphenols, which act as antioxidants in the body. It is very different from the refined, deodorized vegetable oils that dominate the market since it consists mostly of medium chain fatty acids, which are shorter than the long chain fatty acids found in other commonly used oils. Medium chain fatty acids are utilised by the body faster than long chain fatty acids and this may result in an increased metabolic rate. The main fatty acid is lauric acid, which has the ability to inhibit bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Virgin coconut oil users relate with zeal their own anecdotal evidence of its use for personal care applications. Some people swirl it around in their mouths to pull out toxins and whiten teeth, and some use it on cuts to promote faster healing. Virgin coconut oil also smoothes the dry frizzies in processed and natural hair and is a great leave-in conditioner. It is also used to relieve symptoms of eczema and acne, and to moisturize skin all over the body.


Grace Foods now proudly brings to the market, Grace Virgin Coconut Oil. Grace Virgin Coconut Oil is a 100% Jamaican product, made from coconuts grown right here in Jamaica, in the hills of St. Thomas. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the oil from the flesh of the mature coconut. This process preserves all the natural goodness of the coconut oil, yielding a pure product characterized by the nutty aroma and taste of excellent quality coconut oil.

Discerning consumers can find Grace Virgin Coconut Oil in leading retail outlets island wide. Taste and see what Grace Foods is so excited about!